Guleus E'Xavier aka Infamous JeanClaude resides in Lexington, KY after spending the past several years working as an artist in Charlotte, NC. He received  his BFA from SCAD in 2008. He finds himself working daily on illustrations, paintings, and graphic design. As one of thirteen children, he learned at a young age to use his art as personal refuge and has been dedicated to his continuous evolution as an artist for as long as he can remember. Edwards’ fine art has shown work throughout the US and Sweden. Under his design alias, Infamous JeanClaude, his clients include skate shops, restaurants, record labels, and clothing brands. 



I am constantly creating, even while I sleep. My style blends illustration, symbolism, and abstract painting into a style I call, "neoglyphism". My paintings, drawings, and digital works are an exploration of inner self and relation to the outer world. Taking inspiration from different spiritual philosophies such as collective consciousness, and psychological theories from Carl Jung, I use art as a visuals mediation that is deeply personal yet universal at the same time. I consider myself an avid observer of self and others, and I document my reflections through a visual dialogue that aspires to be colorful and engaging. Music of all genres, but especially hip-hop/soul, remains a constant, grounding force in my life and inspiration for my art.  

2008 , BFA , Savannah College Of  Art and Design, Savannah , GA


Album Art Design

Design (Print/Web)


Art Direction




Set Design



Group Exhibitions

2008 Show & Tell, Dharma Lounge. Charlotte, NC

2008 Represent, Dharma Lounge. Charlotte, NC

2009 Black Sheep & Culture Initiative Presents: Swarm, Black Sheep Skateshop. Charlotte, NC

2009 Black Sheep Presents: Street Party, Black Sheep Skateshop. Charlotte, NC

2009 Culture Initiative: The 1, Dharma Lounge, Charlotte, NC

2010 The Wonderful World Of , Aurora Coffee Shop. Atlanta, GA

2010 Extraordinary and the Something Sideshow. Charlotte, NC

2010 Duplicate of a Duplicate Charlotte, Black Sheep Skateshop, NC 

2010 Lifted Lab Regional Showcase. Johnson City, TN

2011 Future Beast 2030 AD. Brooklyn, NY

2011 Soulful Madness, Galleri Diana. Uppsala, Sweden

2011 Weapons of Mass Production, Lucid Gallery. Denver, Colorado 

2012 Dreamers Don’t Sleep, Espada Bike Shop. Charlotte, NC

2016 Trinity of Oneness, Revolution Ego Gallery. Charlotte, NC

Solo Exhibitions

2009 Strangers Welcomed, Black Sheep Skateshop. Charlotte, NC

2011 Two Eyes, Two Minds, Black Sheep Skateshop. Charlotte, NC

2011 Brainstorm Under My 59/50, Swagger Shop. Knoxville, TN

2012 Pops Slept, She Followed, Black Sheep SkateShop. Charlotte, NC

2012 MMXII: Level Three, Life is Earth Gallery. Nashville, TN

2013 Insomnia Hut: Ill Sleep Tomorrow, Skank Shop. Stockholm, Sweden


Vibe Music Collective

LoveTurl Records

Fresh Select Records

Chocolate Bear Records

Hooligans Tribe

DWEEB Clothing

BlackSheep Skateshop

Sentient Clothing


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