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Infamous JeanClaude,
aka Guleus E’Xavier, is a multidisciplinary artist based in Lexington, KY. 

His creative process serves as an integration and expression of his own personal healing process and connects him to an  exploration of human consciousness. Often times, Infamous’ works provide an insightful dialogue with his own heritage through the use of symbolism, intuitive abstraction, and his own language of illustration he refers to as “neoglyph.” 

As a graphic designer and digital creator, Infamous’ work fuses archives of found images with colorful shapes and symbols that serve as representations of kinetic and spiritual energy. He is both a seeker and collector of iconic imagery, inspiration, and spiritual discoveries. Whether through singing in church choir, creating music with family, or practicing deep listening across genres, music provides Infamous with a deep wellspring of healing and inspiration that is woven throughout his work. A sought after collaborator for album art commissions across the range of musical genres, he is recognized for his deftness at visually translating emotions into layered collages that strike perfect harmony of space and vibration.

As a painter and illustrator, Infamous creates a foundation for his composition through textured vibrant colors before centering the abstract or figurative subjects of his work. Each subject tells a story, including collective and lived experiences of Guleus and his ancestors. His works hold space for ancestral wisdom to be channeled by both artist and viewer. Indeed, at times he is assisted by his ancestors and ascended spirits in the creation of his work. Rather than considering himself a medium, though, he acknowledges his connection to creation as a divine act that allows for the influence of his spirit guides. 

Infamous JeanClaude, born 1984, currently lives and works in his hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. He moved to Savannah, GA for school in 2003 and graduated from SCAD in 2008 before spending time working as an artist in Charlotte, NC. His work has been shown in contemporary galleries and art spaces throughout the US as well as in Europe. His design clients include musicians, fashion designers, and commercial and boutique brands throughout the homegoods and wellness markets. His dedication to healing his own mental health and trauma through creativity has influenced him to take steps toward being an advocate, resource, and facilitator for his community. He is currently earning a degree in Art Therapy from Edinburgh University to embody his personal manifesto: “Create, inspire, heal myself and others.”

Solo Exhibitions 

2009 – Strangers Welcomed, Black Sheep Skateshop. Charlotte, NC

2011 – Two Eyes, Two Minds, Black Sheep Skateshop. Charlotte, NC

2011 – Brainstorm Under My 59/50, Swagger Shop. Knoxville, TN

2012 – Pops Slept, She Followed, Black Sheep Skateshop. Charlotte, NC

2012 – MMXII: Level Three, Life is Earth Gallery. Nashville, TN

2013 – Insomnia Hut: Ill Sleep Tomorrow, Skank Shop. Stockholm, Sweden

2021 – Self Preservation: A Beautiful Cry Lexington, KY

Group Exhibitions 

2008 – Show & Tell, Dharma Lounge. Charlotte, NC

2008 – Represent, Dharma Lounge. Charlotte, NC

2009 – Black Sheep & CI Present: Swarm, Black Sheep Skateshop. Charlotte, NC

2009 – Black Sheep Presents: Street Party, Black Sheep Skateshop. Charlotte, NC

2009 – Culture Initiative: The 1, Dharma Lounge, Charlotte, NC

2010 – The Wonderful World Of , Aurora Coffee Shop. Atlanta, GA

2010 – Extraordinary and the Something Sideshow. Charlotte, NC

2010 – Duplicate of a Duplicate Charlotte, Black Sheep Skateshop, NC 

2010 – Lifted Lab Regional Showcase. Johnson City, TN

2011 – Future Beast 2030 AD. Brooklyn, NY

2011 – Soulful Madness, Galleri Diana. Uppsala, Sweden

2011 – Weapons of Mass Production, Lucid Gallery. Denver, Colorado 

2012 – Dreamers Don’t Sleep, Espada Bike Shop. Charlotte, NC

2016 – Trinity of Oneness, Revolution Ego Gallery. Charlotte, NC


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