YahZarah Live 2024 Tour Poster
I had the incredible opportunity to work with the super talented YahZarah through Radio Rehab Carolinas which extended our creative journey into doing tour posters for her 25-year career tour this year.

This is an incredible achievement and powerful accomplishment for any creative so I wanted to be able to give her something that would align with the many chapters and accolades of her career.

With a wild resume extended to working with Erykah Badu, Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Little Brother, etc… while also cultivating her solo projects and other creative ventures at the same time makes it even more important to give her her flowers through creative appreciation and support fully. After doing my personal research, listening to her music and have a few powerful conversations, I think I was able to tap into a lot of her dimensions as a human, artist, etc in this three posters.

This posters will be available in limited runs through YahZarah at her shows so get a ticket, catch a vibe and take home some history/memorabilia on the way home.

A message from YahZarah:

Hey Family there are so many things happening and I am so excited. This is really some Phoenix rising energy!!! I am so grateful to my team for believing in me and pushing this tour forward. I am still pushing my @tinydeskconcert so please keep sharing and watching and your vote only gets counted if you watch it all the way through.

I also have some incredible shows so get your tickets on my website. YahZarah.com

NYC – 4/5/24 YahZarah Live at the @apollotheater

ATL- 4/19/24 YahZarah Live at @stjamesliveatl

Chicago- 4/29 YahZarah Live & @indie_soul_journeys screening of her documentary at@citywinerychi

NYC- 6/16/24 YahZarah appearance at @sweetspotnation (no kids this is gonna be spicy)

And more shows are being added!!!